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Mentioned in the return loss description: some of the light sent at the connector port passes through the connector to the other fiber optic cable. The ratio of the transmitted light to the transmitted light is called the transition loss. The main reason for the losses here is again related to the quality of the fiber optic connector, because the better the fibers are in contact with each other, the lower the losses.

The mentioned above is sent from one side of the connector port of a portion of light, fiber optic cable connector through the other switches. The ratio of the light switch to light last sent is called passing lost. The main reasons for losses are related to the quality of the fiber optic connectors. Because how well the fibers touch to each other well the loss is so low.

Very roughly, if necessary to explain: the production of optical fiber in fact is done with a method similar to the electronic chip production, to increase the refractive index that is maintained or germanium into the boron atoms are added. Then turning to the very different sizes are added to the pure glass fiber optic stick the (index of glass) are obtained. These glass fiber optics tower later in the index (about 15 m) is heated and melted down to 125.

Fiber optic cable production isn't actually very different from other types of cable producing, perhaps it is easier. Because the transmission characteristics of fiber bending diameter, etc.. does not change. Copper wire in this type of feature or by bending the copper thickness of insulation, the electrical permeability of the polymer materials are very closely related. So long as you are ready fiber to produce fiber optic cables, easier than copper wire in practice (for example, Cat.5, Cat.6, Cat. 7 etc.).
There are many types of fiber optic connector, such as SC, FC, E2000, ST, LC. This fiber optic cable connectors shall be mounted to the end of the patch cord is formed. So on both sides there is a fiber optic connector. These patch cords According to their length, depending on the type of fiber (SM, MM) is divided into several types. Fiber optic distribution patch roofs are usually used cords (ODF) and the fiber optic equipment can be used to quickly establish an optical link. You can decide (1MB) the patch cord and what kind of application with the appropriate patch cords you need to use.
Cladding, the glass jacket around the protection and where protection of the refractive index is lower than the refractive index. Thus, the external electromagnetic wave transmission fiber cannot reduce the quality.
They are cables that are manufactured by using MM fibers. Multi-mode cables usually a lot of fiber mode fiber can carry many waves are in the neck. They usually have a very wide variety of data-area networks, are used in applications such as automation control devices. 50/125 micron and 62.5/125 micron MM cables are usually two kinds.
Fibers are made of very pure glass. Part of the glass of fibers is 125 microns. However, the later part of the light for 9 micron SM fiber is 50 micron or 62.5 micron MM fiber. Protection of materials from the higher refractive index glass is around the traveller will have to light trapped inside the coal. Snell law.
Speed of light internet, is a slogan for fiber application that are manufactured by using fiber optic substructure.

Pigtail is the patch that is cut to two. And patch cord is manufactured using the same methods and Pigtail finished 2 pigtail patch cord is created by dividing two. The reason for this is pigtail alone is unlikely to be measured. Pigtail is usually attached to one end of the cable will be done by using the connector and the other end of the + patch cord plugged into an adapter connected to active devices. 

As the data necessity is increased, there is no copper cable or wireless access data limitations.
2 types can be made. First, known as Fusion splice welder is. The other is mechanical attachments.
They are cables that are manufactured by using single mode fiber cables. Single mode on a single fiber single mode of the light waves move in the neck. In this way, long-range fields, and scattering attenuation in fiber also keep in mind is for a very long distance can be used without the need to strengthen. Single mode fiber optic cables are generally used for long distance communication. In single mode optical fiber 9 / 125 micron diameter are. Cladding diameter = 9 = core 125.
Fiber optic cables are manufactured in size 2km in general, and long distances, for example, between Ankara and Istanbul a fiber optic cable to be 450 kilometers long, each 2 km in a fiber cable to be attached to each other. Fiber optic cables, fiber optic splice closures made in the external factors in addition to fusion splice to be protected against the additional point. Fiber optic fiber optic cables included in the box at the same time, fiber is also used to make the branch. For example, a fiber optic cable 12 fiber 46 fiber with another fiber optic cable with the allocation and you may continue with 36 fiber. Now, fiber optic fiber optic splitter into additional boxes were added, a single fiber can be obtained from the 12 fiber. Again these splitters (optical splitters are - passive) optical fiber can be installed in additional box.
Fiber optic cables, only the former in long-distance lines to carry data. When modulation frequency increases, the amount of data that can be moved increases. It's too much to increase the diameter of copper on copper cables with fiber optic cable is possible to use light instead of electrical signals in the distance while increasing the frequency is very much increased. This is already in mind and copper cable are not limited to the capabilities of the communication to be used in areas far beyond the estimates provided. For example, computer networks, switching of the ocean, city and home to the communication between applications such as fiber. Use of fiber area is limited by your imagination.
Fiber is at your home until the fiber is laid, and even come up to your room. Fiber is the owner and the normal phone lines may be inadequate in all areas of very high capacity allows you to access the data. Thus, your home phone you connect to the outside world, television, fax, internet connection etc. all through a single fiber in a way that ensures high quality. The applications in Turkey the first time in 15 years, has been tested in 2000, began as a commercial and is now to continue to grow.
Mode Field Diameter = Light moves in a core, while a little out and back again into a core. Light moves across the region is called the MFD. May show different values in different wavelength MFD, because different wavelengths can follow different routes.
As all cables, fiber bending diameter of the cable diameter x 20. Optical fiber, known as ODF, however, the distribution and termination boxes as long as the bare minimum bending will be maintained is set to 3cm diameter. Short-term (eg during installation) it will not be a problem for smaller diameter also bent. Fiber optic cables, the twist here is to protect the bare fiber diameter fiber optic cable as the diameter x 20 is the phrase. For example, fiber optic cable is 1cm in diameter, most are allowed to bend a 20 cm diameter - in the long term.